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Stark Energy Management


At AlphaESS UK, we create effective partnerships with our approved distributor network. We empower our partners to embrace battery energy storage solutions and achieve environmental sustainability for their customers.

Immersa, an expert in renewable energy solutions is one of our approved distributor partners, and recently, we worked together to create a seamless Solar P.V. and Battery Energy Storage Solution for the Immersa Customer, Stark, a pioneering energy management company in the U.K.


As a company, Stark commits to reducing its carbon footprint and streamlining business operations—their approach and desire aligned perfectly with our mission to make energy smarter.

In the face of the European gas crisis and soaring energy prices, Stark sought an economical and sustainable solution for its Bristol office. They turned to Immersa, experts in renewable energy consulting and solutions, to make their vision a reality.


As Stark were moving to new premises, the first hurdle was overcoming the challenge of no historical energy consumption data for the office, meaning a collaborative and innovative approach was needed. Immersa's team of experts creatively used data from a similarly-sized building to forecast consumption patterns for the new office. This data-driven prediction model laid the groundwork for calculating potential energy savings before and after implementing the Solar P.V. and provided essential information for AlphaESS UK to start considering what system was best for Stark for energy storage.


Alpha Storion T10-HV Battery Storage System

Following the design and agreement on the most suitable solar array for the property, led by the Immersa team, the potential and benefits of incorporating a battery storage system to optimise energy usage and maximise savings were apparent. We supplied Immersa with an Alpha Storion T10-HV, a high-capacity 41kWh DC-coupled battery storage solution, which they designed and integrated into the project plan. Between AlphaESS UK and Immersa, Stark commented on the collective expertise, open and honest communication, and project management skills to successfully deliver a renewable energy system to help them take control of their energy future whilst alleviating rising energy bills. The collaboration between Immersa, Stark, and AlphaESS UK resulted in an innovative and sustainable energy solution.


The impact of the renewable energy solution implemented by Immersa, with AlphaESS UK’s support on the energy storage element, was remarkable:

  • A reduction of 37,448 kWh/year in energy imports
  • Projected energy bill savings of £19,222 in the first year
  • Estimated solar export revenue of £424 in the first year
  • A substantial 9,812 kg reduction in CO2 emissions annually

The project's attractive internal rate of return of 27.7% and a payback period of just 3.5 years exemplifies the long-term financial viability of investing in renewable energy solutions.


The two-week project encompassed the installation of a 47 kWp rooftop Solar P.V. System combined with the Alpha Storion T10-HV Battery Storage System. These enhancements to Stark's Bristol office showcase a collective commitment from all project stakeholders to delivering cutting-edge renewable energy solutions and supporting our partners and clients in their journey toward a sustainable future.


To potential AlphaESS UK battery energy storage distributors and installer partners like Immersa, we invite you to join our approved network and unlock the power of AlphaESS UK's innovative energy solutions. Collaborating with us opens the door to delivering transformative projects that benefit the environment and businesses.

We provide unrivalled product and technical support and expertise from our experienced U.K.-based energy specialists, enabling you to support customers' full-cycle energy aspirations. Our battery storage systems portfolio provides an extensive range of options like the Alpha Storion T10-HV, all designed to integrate seamlessly with solar P.V. systems, optimising energy usage and savings for end-users.

For end-users seeking to purchase AlphaESS products, our commitment to environmental sustainability, quality, and customer support ensures you receive the best-in-class energy solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Through our collaboration with Immersa, we empowered Stark to achieve remarkable energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, demonstrating the value of integrating our Alpha Storion T10-HV Battery Storage System into their solar P.V. setup.

Join us on this journey towards a greener, more energy-efficient world where we can make a real difference together.

Let's build a sustainable future, one project at a time.

Stark Energy Management

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Working with our partners at Immersa we have demonstrated the power and flexibility of the products at AlphaESS and how they deliver robust business solutions and benefits that their customers require

Mark Hale
Managing Director, AlphaESS UK