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Bacchus Hotel

AlphaESS UK Supports Bacchus Hotel on Their Pioneering Net-Zero Journey

Nestled along the serene Skegness coastline, Bacchus Hotel is more than a tranquil seaside destination.

The hotel and its owners represent a pioneering spirit of sustainability in an industry grappling with rising energy costs, unpredictable supply and a desire to tackle property emissions. Recent estimates show the hospitality sector spends around £1.3 billion on energy and produces 8 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually, bringing a growing imperative for environmental stewardship and better solutions to energy consumption costs.

AlphaESS UK has been an instrumental partner in the hotel owners’ journey to a sustainable energy future.

Bacchus Hotel Net-Zero Project Features on BBC


  • Bacchus Hotel set an ambitious target to become the UK’s first net-zero hotel, embodying a commitment to sustainability and renewable energy.
  • AlphaESS UK supported Bacchus Hotel, providing cutting-edge battery energy storage systems and expertise.
  • System Installation - AlphaESS T250kW power and battery system enabling the hotel to store up to 583.2 kWh.
  • On-site battery energy storage provides the facility to generate revenue by feeding excess power into the grid.

The hospitality sector is an essential contributor to the UK’s finances. It employs an estimated 3.5 million people and contributes around £93 billion annually to the UK economy. However, it is also an industry that has experienced energy supply and cost challenges. Hospitality businesses across the UK have seen energy bills reach significant levels. An estimate shows energy costs have risen 150% for many hotel owners, adding £800 m in costs to the sector.

Seasonal fluctuations, the need for constant power supply, and the escalating costs of traditional energy sources have compelled many hoteliers to seek alternative solutions.

Amidst this backdrop of uncertainty, Bacchus Hotel embarked on a transformative renewable energy and battery energy storage journey. The objective was bold: transitioning to a net-zero energy operation (The UK’s first hotel to do so) and setting a precedent within the hospitality industry. This ambition led to a strategic alliance with AlphaESS UK. As a leader in battery energy storage solutions, with a product suite designed for efficiency and scale, we were perfectly positioned to mitigate energy supply and cost challenges and redefine eco-friendly hospitality standards, working with the Bacchus Hotel owners.

Awareness and support on this scale were essential and encouraging, not forgetting the continued EXPERTISE AND GUIDANCE from organisations like AlphaESS UK, Immersa and ACOS renewable energy.

David Smith - Owner of Bacchus Hotel



David Smith, owner of Bacchus Hotel’s vision, has been instrumental in the road to net zero. Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Lincolnshire coast and motivated by a personal and business commitment to the environment, David envisioned his hotel as a model for sustainability.

David commented, “The imminent changes being placed on us by the Government (Global Emission targets and agreements), the revolution in E.V. vehicles and chargers, digitalisation of the electricity network, and further increases of tariffs on Carbon and CO2 emissions led us to explore the benefits of renewable energy and battery energy storage solutions. It’s been quite the journey, as we set out to future proof our electricity supply for the hotel. We first recognised the problem when we began installing log cabins in the hotel grounds, and we realised that we did not have the power to service them.”

David also recognises the support of individuals and organisations, commenting, “Advice, guidance, and financial funding support has been critical to success for us. Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire

Programme helped implement these energy-saving measures, awarding £47,320.26 of grant funding.

The support of Professor Dohm, a renowned advocate for green energy, who also provided extra funds for the project - £30,000, proved to be a catalyst, propelling our initiative into the international limelight at COP26. Awareness and support on this scale were essential and encouraging, not forgetting the continued expertise and guidance from organisations like AlphaESS UK, Immersa and ACOS renewable energy.

We continue to evolve, and by the end of 2024, we aim to be 80% energy self-sufficient and 95% energy self-sufficient, with minimal dependency on any grid energy supply by the end of 2025. We have also seen a 90% reduction in carbon emissions.


A significant breakthrough in the project development came with the engagement of key stakeholders, including local power authorities and national grid representatives. Installing a dedicated sub-station on hotel grounds was a game-changer, facilitating a seamless integration of renewable technologies and ensuring a reliable energy supply.

Becoming the UK’s first fully carbon-neutral hotel takes immense dedication, focus and the support of people with the same drive as you to create clean, sustainable, cost-effective energy solutions. To design and deliver the solution, David, working alongside Andrew Cosgrove from ACOS Renewable Energy, formed a partnership with Immersa and AlphaESS UK.

Impressive Outcomes and Impact


The outcomes are nothing short of revolutionary. With the capacity to store a staggering 583.2 kWh and discharge at rates of up to 250 kW, the hotel could now operate entirely on solar energy and deploy as and when required from the battery energy storage system, feeding into the additional log cabin properties. The environmental implications were profound, dramatically slashing carbon emissions. Economically, the hotel benefited from additional revenue streams by contributing excess power back to the grid and providing a healthy and swift return on investment.



The success of Bacchus Hotel has had a domino effect immediately in the local area. It continues to raise awareness of the benefits of renewable energy technologies and battery energy storage across the UK for the hospitality industry.

The project has become a testament to the potential of renewable energy to revolutionise industries and local economies. However, it’s also a story led by David and the Bacchus Hotel team that offers hope to many hospitality sector owners struggling with increasing energy costs.

Reflecting on the journey and partnership, David stated, “In our journey to become net-zero, it’s true, there were challenges. Still, I am immensely proud of what we’ve achieved collectively, and the expertise and support from AlphaESS UK and Immersa’s teams were invaluable. Their technology is powering our hotel and driving our aspirations for a sustainable future. I encourage everyone in the hospitality industry to embrace the power and benefits of solar P.V. and battery energy storage. We did, and we’ve never looked back.”

Managing Director of AlphaESS UK, Mark Hale, added, “We commend David Smith and the Bacchus Hotel for their visionary steps toward sustainability. They are not just setting a new standard for the hospitality industry but are proving and paving the way forward for many sectors for a greener, more resilient energy future. We were delighted to support this journey and excited to see the difference the systems, including the AlphaESS battery storage inverters, are making.”

Hotel Solar Energy and Battery Energy Storage Solutions

The Bacchus Hotel’s story is evidence of the transformative power of ambition, innovation, effective renewable energy systems and battery energy storage. The benefits of renewable energy and battery storage systems for the hospitality sector can be the difference between sustainability and profitability versus struggle and closure, and it’s a fine margin. The vision of David and the Bacchus Hotel team to create financial viability and environmental stewardship in equal measure should be applauded and copied.

We invite you to envision a similar future for your business.

Helping You Reach a Sustainable Energy Future

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You can explore more details and discover a step-by-step guide on the installation process on the Bacchus Hotel Net Zero journey website by visiting - Bacchus Hotel Website

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