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AlphaESS UK's Battery Energy Storage Systems Hit 7K Installations

alphaESS Smile G3 launch at Solar & Solar Love 2023

Powering a Sustainable Energy Future for the UK

We are delighted to announce that AlphaESS UK has achieved a remarkable milestone with the successful installation of 7,000 Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) across the UK. This achievement underlines the continued trust in AlphaESS UK's innovative solutions by end-user customers, distributor partners, and an extensive installer network.

The milestone installations span a diverse range of projects, seamlessly integrating into residential, industrial and commercial sectors. Reaching this level of energy storage system installs demonstrates the trust in AlphaESS systems for numerous energy needs and customers – from home renewable energy projects to large-scale industrial applications – and showcases customers' appetite throughout the UK to embrace renewable energy technologies and home battery storage systems. In truth, BESS adds significant value to any Solar PV and other renewable energy installation.

Mark Hale on the Milestone and Future Aspirations

Mark Hale, Managing Director of AlphaESS UK, expresses immense pride in the team and partners for reaching this significant milestone. "The journey to 7,000 installations has been a testament to our dedication and innovation in the renewable energy sector. This achievement is just the beginning. The exponential growth in our end-user customer base reflects a societal shift towards sustainable energy solutions. People recognise BESS's power and benefits in creating energy independence, combating rising energy costs, and contributing to the UK's net-zero aspirations. We are excited for the future and committed to continuing our role in this energy revolution."

Mark Continued, "A special mention must go to our fantastic Distributor Partners and Skilled and accredited Installer Network. They are the foundation of our success and continually represent the AlphaESS UK brand with exceptional passion, dedication and knowledge." 

Integrating BESS for a Sustainable Energy Future

Integrating BESS with home and on-site renewable energy sources is pivotal in creating a more sustainable energy future for the UK. BESS stores excess energy generated during peak solar, wind and air source periods. It makes it available when needed - ensuring a consistent and reliable energy supply and significantly reducing reliance on the grid, especially during peak demand times or power outages. BESS is also a fantastic solution to taking advantage of the various smart energy tariffs now available in the UK. You can ensure best-in-class battery energy storage performance with the AlphaESS AlphaCloud Monitoring and Optimisation systems.

AlphaESS Smile G3

AlphaESS Smile G3

the newly launched AlphaESS Smile G3 hybrid inverter and battery storage
AlphaESS's T30 and T250 storage systems

AlphaESS's T30 and T250 storage systems

• System Installation - AlphaESS's T30 and T250 storage systems enable the hotel to store up to 583.2 kWh.
AlphaESS UK Managing Director Mark Hale and partner

Building Trusted Distributor Relationships

For installers, developing a relationship with AlphaESS UK offers numerous advantages. A recognised and trusted brand in the UK

The AlphaESS UK Product Range: Versatility and Innovation

AlphaESS UK boasts a comprehensive range of BESS and inverters designed to cater to a wide range of energy management. The product range offers modularity, allowing customisation based on specific energy consumption patterns, from residential homes to large-scale manufacturing plants. Key technical specifications of the range include:

  • Seamless integration with renewable energy sources
  • Modular and scalable storage capacity
  • Advanced battery management systems
  • User-friendly interfaces for monitoring and control

Explore the entire product range, including technical specifications, by visiting:

Value for Installers: Building a Partnership with AlphaESS UK

For installers, developing a relationship with AlphaESS UK offers numerous advantages. A recognised and trusted brand in the UK market, with a dedicated technical support team and customer care, makes AlphaESS UK a natural choice for many BESS installers.

Installers benefit from comprehensive installation guidance, marketing support, and access to a wide range of BESS and inverter products. This partnership ensures that installers are well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of their clients while being supported by a leader in the field.

Why Choose AlphaESS UK for Your 2024 Energy Strategy

End-users exploring sustainable energy solutions should consider AlphaESS UK's BESS as a core component of their 2024 energy strategy. The systems offer energy independence and cost savings and contribute significantly to environmental conservation efforts.

The AlphaESS UK's milestone of 7,000 installations is more than just a number – it symbolises the trust, innovation, and commitment to a sustainable future. AlphaESS UK stands as a beacon of progress and reliability in the renewable energy sector as we navigate energy management and environmental conservation challenges.